Industry : Cloud Service Provider Country : Indonesia Headquarters: Jakarta
  • About the client:

    The client, founded in 2011, focuses on providing enterprise communication services and consultancy for Indonesian Companies. Together with Indonesian local telecommunication companies, the client provides the best communication services, whether it is, Audio/Teleconference, Video Conference, Chatting/Instant Messaging, Group Call, Screen Sharing, Unified Communication, Online meeting, Investor Conference call or Customer Support using Video for day-to-day business needs of Indonesian corporations.

  • Challenge:

    The client wants to find an Open Source Cloud Computing platform that reuses existing server hardware. In addition, the deployment must be fast and cloud-ready to use.

  • Solution:

    Having decided that the EasyStack product would meet the cloud-ready needs and fast deployment, the client chose to use an ECS solution to help increase its application and operational effectiveness.

  • Benefits:

    ·  Able to start the development of online meeting applications in Indonesia without having to develop a cloud infrastructure platform in parallel with online meeting applications.

    · The implementation was completed according to plan in a week.

    · More than 2 years in production with very minimal issues including RAM upgrades and SSD Storage.

    · Monitoring Dashboard is very easy to use to monitor resources and monitor any problems/alarms.

Industry : Telecommunication Country : Indonesia Headquarters: Jakarta
  • About the client:

    At the start of Indonesia’s communication industry history, the client has been one of the pioneers strongly emerged from its focus in business, commitment in service and endless product innovations. The client is the leading ICT company in Indonesia, providing the most reliable Internet Services, Data Center, Cloud Computing and Interactive TV. The client has thousands of kilometers Fiber Optic Network infrastructure and growing rapidly since in Indonesia since 1996.

  • Challenge:

    The client is looking to move from existing OpenStack Icehouse to another cloud product that provides solutions such as 24x7 technical support, no downtime for upgrades and metering/billing features.

  • Solution:

    The client chose EasyStack as the solution to meet minimal upgrade requirements and advanced cloud features to enchance their service levels to end users as a public cloud provider.

  • Benefits:

    · No downtime service to customers.

    · No major hardware investment.

    · Able to monitor and bill customer usage.

    · Highly responsive product support to operations issues and solution resolution.

Industry : Web Hosting Country : Indonesia Headquarters: Yogyakarta
  • About the client:

    The client is a business unit engaged in Information Technology (IT) services in the form of software development and its supporting applications. Services provided by the client include Web Development, Desktop Applications, Multimedia, Information Systems, IT Consultants and various matters related to IT.

  • Challenge:

    The client has a requirement to provide a current web billing API and VM automation creation without human intervention. In addition, it wants to replace the legacy KVM solution which has limitations with a scalable infrastructure.

  • Solution:

    The client decided to adopt its own private cloud to replace the existing infrastructure. In collaboration with EasyStack team, the client designed and implemented the ECS Stack architecture to improve solution deployment and offering to the market.

  • Benefits:

    · Provides a billing API with the current client website.

    · Fewer human resources to maintain customer business.

    · Upgrade CPU and RAM without problems.

    · CPU overcommit ratio to 1:10.