EasyStack Cloud Solution(ECS)

An evolvable all-cloud capability building program for enterprise digitalization

Why choose EasyStack Cloud Solution?

  • Unified digital native engine

    As a rock-solid digital base, EOS supports on-demand construction of 3 to 1000+ node cloud platforms.

  • Two infrastructures converged

    A unified infrastructure that integrates cloud and cloud-native products and services provides multiple computing power, unified storage, unified SDN network, and unified security to support diverse businesses and applications.

  • Three features enabling innovation

    With open source ecological products as the core, we build standardized, open and evolvable full-cloud capability services.

  • N scenarios landing practice

    Through composable own and ecological products and services, 1000+ enterprise customers production practices build a variety of field evolution cloud solutions.

Full cloud capability solution with thousands of sets of physical environments and tens of thousands

Under the production test of tens of thousands of nodes, EasyStack understands the private deployment of cloud and the needs of enterprises on and using cloud. In order to meet the modernization of enterprise application architecture and support the digital transformation of enterprises, ECS organtically integrates container, virtualization, storage, SDN network, security and operating system through an evolvable architecture to form a digital native engine. Through the flexible combination of multiple computing power, unified storage, unified network, and full-stack security, a unified cloud platform from 3 nodes to 10,000 + nodes suitable for various industries and unified experience of own products, ecological products and services is built on demand

User pain points

The challenges of large-scale full-stack distributed cloud construction

Multiple landing patterns

Multiple landing patterns

Full cloud capability platform
Cloud Native Foundation at scale
Large-scale cloud fondation

Full cloud capability platform

It has passed the production-level practice test of thousands of physical environments, 10,000 + physical nodes, tens of thousands + virtual machines, and pods/containers running stably. It builds a unified full cloud capability platform through composable cloud products, deeply integrates the computing, storage, network capabilities of traditional infrastructure and cloud native, and carries the traditional steady state + cloud native business transformation.At the same time, it has the ability of multiple computing power, security and trust, agile application delivery, and multi-center distributed cloud.

Cloud Native Foundation at scale

In order to meet the modernization of enterprise application architecture, ECNF takes cloud native related technologies as the core, and organically integrates containers, virtualization, storage, SDN network and operating system through an evolvable architecture to form a digital native engine, which supports the transformation of infrastructure construction from resource-oriented construction to application-oriented construction. ECNS provides users with a cloud native product suite for microservice applications, including Kubernetes container service, container application center, secure container instance, DevOps platform, container image service, bare metal service and a series of products, which enables the whole life cycle of application design and development to be carried out in the cloud.

Large-scale cloud fondation

With the construction goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency and simplifying complexity, it consists of EOS and many cloud products, integrates the physical resources of the data center, provides rich cloud services such as computing, storage, network, security and PaaS, and manages the full life cycle of cloud infrastructure. It becomes a powerful engine for enterprise digital transformation and helps enterprises continue business innovation.

Advantages of the solution

Progressively composable full-cloud capability building scheme