High Performance Cloud Storage

Next-generation high-performance cloud storage for cloud and cloud-native applications

  • Low latency of 100 microseconds

    The ALcache technology is used to deeply optimize the IO path for high performance computing scenarios, and the minimum latency is less than 100us.

  • Million IOPS high performance

    A storage cluster easily obtaining million IOPS can be achieved by combining NVMe flash memory technology with a single node of hundreds of thousands of IOPS, resulting in linear growth in performance and capacity.

  • 99.999999% high reliability

    Supports multi-replica mechanism, fault domain isolation, automatic data recovery, disk lifetime prediction, slow disk intelligent isolation.

Working principle

High-performance cloud storage is a cloud back-end distributed storage product provided by EasyStack. It adopts multi-copy and hierarchical cache architecture design, through IO path optimization, efficient data model, high-speed read and write cache, and at the same time with hot data residence, data intelligent brush, data automatic balance and reconstruction and other leading technical capabilities. It provides distributed high-performance cloud storage capabilities with low latency of 100 microseconds, high performance of millions of IOPS, and more than eight and nine data reliability. This paper focuses on providing high-performance cloud disk drives for I/ O-intensive or delay sensitive applications in cloud platforms.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack High Performance Cloud Storage?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios