EasyStack System Cloud Linux (ESCL)

An enterprise-level operating system with independent intellectual property rights, providing a secure and trusted cloud computing operating system base for EasyStack cloud platform

Working principle

ESCL is a cloud operating system developed by EasyStack. The whole platform uses yum/rpm package management tools, and is compatible with mainstream software packages from operating system vendors such as RedHat, CentOs, Fedora. Based on the selected stable branch version of the Linux kernel, the development and maintenance are carried out, and the latest achievements of the upstream community are continuously synchronized. The source code of the package is mainly based on the community upstream stable version, which has been independently compiled and verified, and has a complete release and maintenance mechanism.

It supports X86 and ARM architectures, as well as chips from Phytium, Hygon, AMD and Kunpeng, etc. It is suitable for domestic X86 and ARM mainstream server hardware.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack System Cloud Linux?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios