Certificate and Key Service

Providing certificate and key lifecycle management and cloud service data encryption

  • Supporting domestic cryptographic algorithms

    • Private CA, certificate and key are generated by domestic cryptographic algorithm.

  • The extensive integration of cloud services

    It can be integrated with identity and access management, computing services, mirror services, and exclusive load balancing services to provide certificate and key services for cloud products.

  • Security compliance

    Provides certificate and key lifecycle security management, combined with strict access control, to ensure that the certificate and key are safe and reasonable use.

Working principle

When a user creates a resource using a cloud service, the resource containing sensitive information can be encrypted by the key provided by the key service. The key is generated by the HSM hardware security module, which is also responsible for encryption, decryption, signature, verification and other related cryptographic operations.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Certificate and Key Service?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios