EasyStack Cloud Foundation Solution(ECF)

Cloud infrastructure for enterprise digital transformation and business innovation

EasyStack Cloud Foundation Solution Introduction

In the process of transformation from enterprise data center to cloud, enterprise data center faces many challenges and pain points, such as stovepipe repetitive construction and long construction cycle. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of business, improve resource utilization, and simplify management and operation, EasyStack has launched a new generation of cloud foundation solution.

The cloud foundation solution aims to reduce costs and increase efficiency and simplify complexity. It is composed of EasyStack Orchestration Service and many cloud products, integrates the physical resources of the data center, provides rich cloud services such as computing, storage, network, security and PaaS, and manages the cloud foundation in the whole life cycle, becoming a powerful engine for enterprise digital transformation. Help enterprises to continue business innovation.

At present, more than 1,000 enterprises have built a stable, secure and sustainable cloud foundation  through EasyStack.

Solution architecture

EasyStack cloud infrastructure solution is based on the LOKI standard of open source infrastructure built by Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes. Based on the easystack orchestration service  EOS, EasyStack integrates hardware resources under a variety of different architecture chips to provide computing, storage, network, monitoring and other basic capabilities. Customers can obtain bare metal, cloud native, cloud security, software infrastructure, cost analysis, monitoring and maintenance, cloud resource management and other cloud products on demand through permanent license or subscription to cloud products according to the needs of business scenarios.

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