Computing Service

Secure, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use

  • High safety

    Supports VPC isolation; Supports virtual network card security group, three-layer firewall, access key and other security policies; Backup and snapshot ensure data security.

  • High availability

    Relying on the new generation of cloud storage, complete file chain management capabilities to ensure data security and reliability; Host-level HA services are provided to protect services from faults.

  • A high performance

    SR-IOV nics are supported, enabling cloud hosts to achieve I/O performance similar to that of physical devices. Supports high-performance cloud storage, greatly improves the I/O throughput capability of cloud disks, and significantly reduces read/write latency.

Working principle

EasyStack cloud computing services provides a variety of on-demand access, such as general computing, GPU computing acceleration, out-of-the-box cloud host types, so that users can easily and efficiently obtain cloud computing power, to provide the maximum boost for the digital transformation of customers' business. By combining the high availability capabilities of the native host with the computing services, and adjusting the cloud host configuration according to the needs of your business for online and offline flexibility, plus the strong fault self-healing capacity of the cloud infrastructure platform, you can build a stable, safe, flexible and high-performing computing environment that ensures your business can run smoothly 24/7.

Product advantage

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Usage scenarios

Computing service usage scenario