Application Center

Cloud application lifecycle management services

  • Simplify management

    It provides a set of mature application delivery framework, simplifies the management of applications, and enables users to focus more on the upper business.

  • Standardized publishing

    It provides users with compliant, standard unified applications, and can be combined with the user's business system online approval process to improve the safety and compliance of the application online.

  • Integrated delivery

    It provides a package of infrastructure and business application integration solutions for SaaS service providers to quickly deliver real out-of-the-box business systems.

Working principle

The Application Center provides full-lifecycle management of applications, including application creation, online, one-click deployment, version update, offline, and deletion. Gathers a rich variety of applications and provide one-stop service for different scenarios.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Application Center service?

Usage scenarios

Application Center usage scenario