Resources Orchestration

Automatic deployment and simplifying management, operation, and maintenance of cloud computing resources through aware orchestration

  • Perceptual visual orchestration

    The visual management interface is used to drag and drop resources freely, intelligently sense and automatically establish associations, and simplify cloud resource management.

  • Automated deployment of multiple resources

    A terraform template can automatically deploy different types of resources and can make a simple and efficient deployment and operation and maintenance.

  • Publishing apps with one click

    After the template is arranged, the template can be imported into the application center with one click, and published as an application through the application center to achieve rapid distribution.

Working principle

Resource orchestration service is a management method for abstract modeling of resources, instance generation and maintenance. It provides two ways to organize and manage the virtual resources of the platform through YAML template and visualization, which helps users to simplify the management and automatic operation and maintenance of cloud computing resources. Through the arrangement of the template, the set of resources and the relationship between resources are defined, and the resource configuration is completed. The application topology is defined and deployed with one click.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Resources Orchestration?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios