Dedicated Load Balancer

Providing highly reliable, more flexible, high-performance load balancing services

  • High availability

    Perfect health check mechanism ensures real-time online business.

  • Super simple usage

    Efficiently creates and adjusts distribution rules with one-click installation for rapid deployment and real-time effect.; Creates and adjusts distribution rules efficiently.

  • More flexible scheduling

    Multiple scheduling algorithms are available. It supports accurate control of traffic forwarding according to various L4/L7 layer characteristics. Supports multiple backend resources such as virtual machines, bare metal, etc.

Working principle

Load balancing distributes the access traffic from the public address to multiple cloud hosts, automatically detects and isolates the unavailable back-end cloud host services, so as to improve the fault tolerance and availability of the business. EasyStack Exclusive load balancing (DLB) allot exclusive CPU, memory, network and other resources for load balancing instances, which can ensure the stability of business when dealing with massive business access requests. Depending on the business scenario, you can choose to use the workload mode such as TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS, and the HTTP/HTTPS seven layer workload provides a variety of policy matching algorithms, so that you can easily redirect the request and other actions according to the results of the policy matching algorithm.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Dedicated Load Balancer?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios