Block Storage

Next-generation cloud storage for cloud and cloud-native applications

  • Cloud Native support

    It can provide highly reliable data storage services for both traditional cloud applications and cloud native applications.

  • Stability and reliability

    The underlying triple copy data protection technology monitors the hard disk and resource pool in real time to ensure the high reliability of data.

  • Evolvability

    It supports OTA smooth and insensitive installation and upgrade, and can obtain the latest product capabilities and repair product defects in the first time.

Working principle

Cloud disk is a virtual block storage service, which mainly provides block storage space for cloud hosts and bare metal hosts. Users can create cloud hard disk online and mount it to the instance. The use of cloud hard disk is exactly the same as that of traditional server hard disk. At the same time, cloud disk has the characteristics of higher data reliability, higher I/O throughput and easier to use. It is suitable for file system, database or other system software or applications that need block storage devices.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Block Storage?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios