The success of a business relies heavily on IT infrastructure acceleration and simplifying your services, then a good analysis is needed to choose the best technology for now and in the future, EasyStack has a dedicated consulting team to help you choose the cloud technology and the architecture that suits your needs objectively and comprehensively. We also help you find out the hardware to build a cloud environment that suits your existing  IT infrastructure. Our Consulting team provides a wealth of successes and best practices to help customers evaluate, plan, design, build and optimize cloud platform.
  • Choosing Hardware Specifications

  • Calculating Performance over Hardware

  • Third Party Integration

Deployment Services

We have experienced a lot of success delivering cloud computing solutions to customers. The Deployment services have clear parameters and timelines to ensure the quality and deployment time as planned. EasyStack can design and deliver intelligent, secure and feature-rich cloud computing environments for customers, both for internal small-scale basic workloads and for large-scale cloud service platform, which has powerful technical capabilities to help customers quickly create and manage diverse cloud computing platforms. EasyStack cloud has the advantage of being easy to deploy and easy to manage. The combination of professional project management and mature  cloud computing solutions as well as high hardware flexibility makes us confident that we can help you to provide the best IT solutions.
  • Professional project management

  • Mature cloud computing solutions

  • High flexibility and agnostic hardware

Technical Support

We constantly ensure that the cloud computing solutions that we provide work according to standards and make you comfortable to concentrate on your business. Our support ranges from pre deployment to post deployment. Let us help you to understand and cover various things in your cloud environment through our experts.
  • Fast response support team handles cloud technical questions

  • Local team in Singapore will be able to do site visit when required

  • Optional 24/7 support or full managed service

Consulting, deployment services, technical support are being conducted locally using English and/or Bahasa Indonesia