Kubernetes Service

High-performance, scalable container application management services

  • Based on the rock cloud operating system deployment

    The Panshi cloud operating system kernel is designed for the container runtime, and has good security and compatibility design.

  • Elastic expansion and shrinkage

    • According to the access traffic, the business policy is scaled.

  • Open source compatibility

    Kubernetes community is fully version-compatible, flexible deployment, and independent of the underlying cloud platform.

Working principle

With unified multi-cluster management as the core, it supports the use of underlying cloud infrastructure resources to deploy Kubernetes clusters and quickly complete node initialization. Depending on the use case, you can choose to deploy Kubernetes clusters of different sizes, such as a test environment with a single master node or a highly available production environment with multiple Master nodes. Each tenant can create multiple Kubernetes clusters, and support management operations such as cluster expansion, monitoring, and deletion.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Kubernetes Service?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios