Multi-arch Service

Enabling heterogeneous resource support and facilitating the simultaneous use of multiple cores in cloud infrastructure

  • Product level service capability

    The service capability of productization and the quality control at the same level as the released products ensure the integrity of the cloud platform capabilities and the high-quality delivery of the multi-core cloud data center.

  • Wide coverage

    The service is fully compatible with domestic and foreign mainstream CPU chips, including but not limited to Intel, AMD, Hygon, Kunpeng, Phytium, etc.

  • Flexible networking & dynamic configuration

    EasyStack Multi-arch Service is provided in the form of cloud products. Users can access the capabilities at any time with one click on the interface of the cloud platform, whether they are newly built or expanded.

Working principle

Multi-arch Service provides users with the ability of heterogeneous hardware resources in the cloud data center, that is, in the same cloud (Region), there are two or more different chips (CPU architecture or model) of the physical server. It supports but not limited to Intel, AMD, Hygon, Kunpeng, Phytium, etc.

Through the automation center, the automatic discovery of physical nodes can be achieved. Combined with Multi-arch Service, the chip category and model of the physical node are accurately identified, and the best construction method is matched. Finally, through the strong compatibility of EOS, the chip differentiation is shielded, and the rich cloud product capabilities of computing, network, storage and other cloud products are provided to meet the needs of different application transformation and migration.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Multi-arch Service?

Usage scenarios

Usage scenarios