Bare Metal Service

High performance, secure physical isolation, and minute-level delivery

  • Solid as a rock, excellent performance

    It provides exclusive computing resources to enjoy the stable performance of physical servers without virtualization performance overhead and feature loss, and fully meets the business requirements of high performance, high stability, high security and high supervision.

  • Multi-arch, hybrid deployment

    The same cloud is compatible with a variety of chip architectures such as x86 and Arm to meet a variety of physical server characteristics.

  • Flexible networking, dynamic configuration

    A variety of network configuration schemes such as dynamic configuration and pre-configuration are provided to fully meet the network configuration requirements in different scenarios.

Working principle

Bare Metal Service aims to provide customers with exclusive physical servers for their business applications. Bare metal Service combines the elastic advantages of VM with the performance advantages of physical servers to achieve ultra-strong and ultra-stable computing capabilities to meet the needs of customers for high performance and stability of various core applications. At the same time, it provides complete bare metal host life cycle management capabilities. Customers can apply flexibly and use it on demand. Relying on the advantages of the integrated design of EasyStack infrastructure platform, Bare Metal Service can be seamlessly integrated with the basic services such as storage and network provided by the platform, realizing richer functions such as tenant network isolation, layer-2 high-speed interworking with cloud hosts, and cloud storage mounted.

Product advantage

Why choose EasyStack Bare Metal Service?

Usage scenarios

Bare Metal Service usage scenarios