EasyStack Cloud Native Foundation Solution(ECNF)

A more secure and reliable large-scale Cloud Native infrastructure solution

Why choose EasyStack Cloud Native Foundation Solution?

  • Unified Digital Native Engine

    As a rock-solid digital base, EOS supports on-demand construction of cloud-native platforms from 3 to 10,000 + nodes, starting with the operating system.

  • Three computing powers supporting applications

    Cloud Native Foundation provides computing power of bare metal, secure container, and cloud-native virtualization to support application modernization.

  • Not just K8S

    It provides cloud-native operating systems other than Kubernetes, SDN network, unified storage, monitoring, management and operation and maintenance services.

  • 100,000 container production practice

    In 2017, the LOKI architecture was proposed and implemented, and the cloud native infrastructure of 10,000 + nodes was put into production practice.

Working principle

In order to meet the modernization of enterprise application architecture, EasyStack Cloud Native Fondation Solution takes cloud native related technologies as the core, and organically integrates containers, virtualization, storage, SDN network and operating system through an evolvable architecture to form a digital native engine, which supports the transformation of infrastructure construction from resource-oriented construction to application-oriented construction. ECNF provides users with a cloud native product suite for microservice applications, including Kubernetes container service, container application center, secure container instance, DevOps platform, container image service, bare metal service and a series of products, which enables the whole life cycle of application design and development to be carried out in the cloud.

Advantages of the solution

Advantages of Cloud Native Foundation Solution

User pain points

Challenges in building Cloud Native Foundation

Usage scenarios

Cloud Native Foundation usage scenarios

Solution architecture

Large-scale cloud-native computing, storage, network integration infrastructure
Multiple computing power supports from resource-oriented to application-oriented design
High performance security for full stack trust and requirements
Smooth and sensorless OTA upgrade

The integrated design from operating system to cloud-native fondation provides secure containers, virtualization, bare metal multi-computing power, unified cloud-native software-defined SDN network, built-in distributed cloud storage, block storage services for multi-computing power, and supports large-scale deployment of distributed cloud infrastructure solutions from 3 nodes to tens of thousands of nodes.

You can choose the computing power suitable for your application on Cloud Native Foundation, including secure containers, virtual machines, bare metal capabilities, and so on. Plan and build your infrastructure from surface resources to surface applications.

High-performance security container, which allows applications to run in a sandbox environment with an independent kernel, provides the security and isolation level of the virtual machine, and combines the lightweight and user experience of the container.

Through the perfect open source ecological productization capabilities, it provides convenient installation and deployment of products, and continuously provides online/offline OTA upgrade capabilities during the runtime, to help customers meet the needs of cloud native architecture for more agile and safer infrastructure upgrade.

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