EKS Enterprise container platform contains the best of bred capability of an integrated Kubernetes and OpenStack solutions platform. Capabilities such as orchestration, scheduling, security, operations and maintenance, including many other aspects of management to achieve integration of application and infrastructure resources, enable last mile of cloud data center next generation application delivery, amplifying the resulting equation where 1 + 1> 2

EKS products apply application centric design to provide application management, making it easy for users to manage and release the latest versions of their applications in a container environment

Integrated Authentication and Authorization

EKS makes use of OpenStack Keystone as a common user management platform to provide an integrated access control plane.

Common SDS storage for VM and Container nodes

EKS makes use of OpenStack Cinder as Kubernetes persistent storage mechanism supporting popular open source and mainstream enterprise storage devices, as well as full support for stateful container services.

Multi-Tenant Project Based Isolation

EKS allows each tenant project to create and manage a separate Kubernetes cluster within OpenStack in order to provide container isolation and security.

Common SDN network for VM and Container nodes

Using Neutron for EKS and ESCloud platform to provide common network services with an integrated approach to the management of SDN network, and providing enhanced features in Neutron to container. .networking, such as security groups, LBaaS, etc.

Performance Enhancement with Common Layer Two Network

EKS may leverage Neutron as its network driver to avoid overlay performance degradation, with direct layer two network connectivity between container and virtual machine nodes.

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