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First On-Campus Recruiting after the Pandemic

11 May 2024

Calvin Institute of Technology is a young but growing campus focusing on educating young mind with information technology skillsets. It has numerous programs in IT and Big Data Analytics; IOT and Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Design; Digital Business and Innovation; Entrepeneurship Management and Innovation; Biomedical Sciences and Smart Construction and Civil Engineering.  Its campus is currently located in North Jakarta, but it plans to relocate to BSD City in 2027. It will be located in the same city as the offices of three of the eight unicorns in Indonesia: Traveloka, Ruangguru and Tokopedia.


The day started with a breakfast with CIT’s faculties and students in the Dean’s Honor list. EasyStack Technologies started to have an informal conversation with eager students who want to learn more about EasyStack and its ecosystem. Lots of information were exchanged between EasyStack and CIT’s students who wanted to learn more about Cloud Computing careers at EasyStack Indonesia. Students were particularly interested in EasyStack’s value proposition: Open-source technologies with enterprise scalability and local support. Topics of cloud repatriation and development of government cloud at IKN (The new Indonesian capital) were also discussed at the breakfast table.


After breakfast at CIT’s dining hall, Calvin Institute of Technology started the day with introduction from Dr. David Tong and Dr. Agung Waluyo as the Head of Academic Program. Twenty companies were introduced in this opening ceremony. Various industries were represented at this event: Financial Services, Mining, High Technology, Food & Beverage and numerous industries. Small companies and huge conglomerates were well represented at this event.

At 14:00, EasyStack introduced its products to the students at the company presentation event.  EasyStack Technologies and the value of Private Cloud were introduced to the attendees. At the end of the presentations, the most enthusiastic student who asked excellent questions was awarded a souvenir for participating at the Questions and Answer session.

There were various door prizes awarded throughout the day. EasyStack Southeast Asia also held various interview rounds at the event. There were interview booths provided by the organizing committee. Overall, EasyStack was very pleased with the quality of Calvin Institute Technology students, and excited to be interviewing few students of internship and full time opportunities at EasyStack Technologies. As the leading Private Cloud Platform company in the Open Infrastructure Foundation, EasyStack was very glad with the hard work that the rector and organizing committee put in the past several months to organize this event. EasyStack Indonesia hopes that CIT 2025 will even be better in the year ahead.