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Join Meetup 3 - OpenInfra Indonesia

03 March 2024

Mr. Aldin Setiawan presented the first topic on KubeVirt. KubeVirt is an open-source project that enables virtual machines (VMs) and containerized workloads to coexist within Kubernetes clusters. Several features of KubeVirt make it suitable for modern businesses. One of the features of KubeVirt is its ability to integrate with existing Kubernetes deployments seamlessly.


The second topic was “How Run Multi-Cloud Multi Container Orchestration Using Kubernetes And Nomad On Startup Production”, presented by  Mr. Wahyu Anggana. It was a fascinating talk that covered the speaker's career journey, the technologies they use in their production environment, and the challenges they face. They also discussed the high costs of using public cloud and whether they will consider switching to private cloud in the future ? It was clear that this is a decision they need to carefully consider.