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Training Introduction

EasyStack is the leading Open Source cloud platform solution provider and a gold member of the OpenStack Foundation authorized to conduct Certified OpenStack Administrator pre-certification training. EasyStack’s core team has many years of OpenStack community participation experience and real world enterprise implementation and operations support expertise. The founding team is from IBM's former OpenStack research and development entities, with the know-how to deliver mature cloud platform products and professional services accumulated from years of being a practitioner in the Open Source community development communities.
EasyStack’s primary focus is on operations support and development of Open Source eco-systems, providing enterprise customers with an open, reliable, autonomous, well-supported, high performance Internet driven industry cloud platform.
As an advocate of Open Source cloud computing technology, EasyStack leads and adopts trends from OpenStack and its adjacent Open Source communities. EasyStack's technical experts contribute to the preparation of training material with their solutioning and project-based skills, providing enterprise customers with professional courses and one-stop talent training solutions.

EasyStack is OpenStack official certification of the first domestic COA training institutions www.openstack.org/coa
  • OpenStack初级培训:COA认证培训

  • Training content:

    Participants learn OpenStack COA exam topics, including related hands-on knowledge and operational know-how.

  • Training target:

    OpenStack-based IT persons working towards completing the OpenStack COA certification exam.

  • OpenStack basic training: Certified OpenStack Administrator preparation

  • Training content:

    COA certification content starting with basic knowledge on OpenStack (architecture, project components), COA exam topics how to approach, hands-on assignments, coaching on the certification exam, etc.

  • Training target:

    Software engineer, Software architects, IT technical manager, Linux sys admin, Cloud operations and those whose work involve Infrastructure as a Service.

  • OpenStack Intermediate training: OpenStack in-practice

  • Training content:

    Based on a specific OpenStack enterprise-level distribution. Course contents include OpenStack component architecture, usage scenarios, as well as installation and deployment, operations and maintenance troubleshooting.

  • Training target:

    Personnel involved in OpenStack projects in roles such as testing, implementation, operations and maintenance.

  • OpenStack Advanced training: OpenStack development training

  • Training content:

    1. How to build OpenStack development and test environment.
    2. Open Source community OpenStack development process training, including coding standards and specifications, development tools, unit testing, continuous integration, code debugging and optimization, as well as use of DevStack.
    3. Code step through and explanation on key features in the OpenStack projects. These include but not limited to creating VM code flow, mounting block storage, Neutron Extensions Plugin and Plug-in Driver development process, principles, guidelines, Ceilometer workflow and many other related topics.

  • Training target :

    Those who wish to become familiar with the internals of OpenStack, especially developers participating as a OpenStack community contributor.

For more information, please contact your sales representative or contact@easystack.io

  • Kubernetes Training

  • Training content:

    This course covers topics suitable for beginners to intermediate practitioners, helping students understand the whole container eco-systems and usage scenarios based on real world application and its related knowledge. Course content includes container basics introduction, container layout and eco-systems, Kubernetes basic concepts, Kubernetes advanced features, how to use Kubernetes platform for containerized application and solutions deployment.

  • Training target:

    Container for beginners, systems engineers, operations and maintenance engineers, cloud solution managers, and IT staff wishing to participate and work on container technologies.

For more information, please contact your sales representative orcontact@easystack.io

Kindly reach out to EasyStack Telephone:+65 82900954    contact@easystack.io

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