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Cloud Consulting, Strategy and Planning Services

Spearheaded by a professional cloud consulting team, our consultants bring along successful project based experience and best practices to help our customers evaluate, plan, design, build and optimize the cloud platform in the data center environment.


Cloud Architecture Design and Implementation Delivery Services

Solution architects, cloud specialists and project managers provide mature cloud solutions and professional project management to our customers. These experts help our customers design and deliver intelligent, secure, feature-rich cloud computing environment, which can be used for running an organization’s internal workloads, as well as extending to large-scale cloud services platform. Our technical capability can help customers quickly create and manage a variety of cloud computing platform solutions.


Cloud DataCenter Operations Services

The datacenter operations team in EasyStack is capable of providing end-to-end cloud datacenter operations services for customers with large-scale operating requirements, which may include requirements analysis to operations and maintenance support.


OpenStack Custom Services

EasyStack is the leading OpenStack solutions and services provider. Through our technical capability, our professional services team can help customers and partners achieve their goals. To enable OpenStack to be integrated seamlessly into the actual IT environment within the enterprise, where IT operations management processes, system platform and application software, can be orchestrated using business rules and processes. The resulting solution is a cloud platform with the characteristics of the customers’ industries and enterprises catering to their respective users.

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