Storage for Cloud Computing

With the proliferation of enterprise applications and Internet+ businesses built on the cloud computing platform, traditional centralized storage becomes potential capacity bottleneck during operations, making it difficult to expand, operate and maintain. As problems arise, it becomes increasingly difficult to adapt to the rapid development of various cloud computing business scenarios. However, the use of distributed architecture within software defined storage solutions, not only makes deployment flexible and easy, but allows dynamic expansion, highly scalable through network bandwidth, almost without capacity limits and other characteristics. This provides an effective and efficient manner to solve traditional storage system deficiencies, which is more suitable for cloud data center scenarios to help users achieve the goal of flexibility in management of storage infrastructure and its automated operations and maintenance.

  • Visually Operate
    and Maintain
  • Ease of Hardware
  • Distributed
  • Integrated ESStorage
    with OpenStack
  • Hyper-Converged
  • Integrated Authentication
    and Authorization
  • SSD
  • High-Performance
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ESStorage Enterprise Distributed Storage

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