ESCloud Express

Proven technology in Fortune 500 companies small and medium-sized data center enterprise cloud deployments

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  • Fully automated cloud platform deployment
  • Visual orchestration with single click application setup
  • Graphical management interface
  • Operations and maintenance through a common interface
  • Appliance based
  • Built-in App marketplace

ESCloud Express Support for heterogenous composable infrastructure cloud environment

Enterprise Cloud Ready Architecture and Design

  • ESCloud core components thoroughly validated in Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Flexible OpenStack cloud platform, freedom of choice in software/hardware
  • Ability to scale workloads, and easily upgrade to advanced PaaS capabilities

Heterogenous composable infrastructure

  • Modular building block that can be combined to meet the traditional as well as high performance business needs
  • Integrated software and hardware components, with highly reliable architecture
  • Graphical management interface, access to common operations and maintenance features

Built-in App marketplace

  • Efficient cost effective deployment of applications, inclusive of private cloud best practices
  • Web-based interactive interface, with fully automated step-by-step guidance
  • Comprehensive selection of available applications, supporting an open cloud ecosystem

ESCloud Express Product Capability

ESCloud Express Top 10 Advantages

Combination of software and hardware
software defined best practices applied on ESCloud core components validated by Fortune 500 enterprises
High Availability
controller / compute / storage / network nodes using full redundancy design
Open infrastructure
ccess to OpenStack APIs, support heterogeneous platform
Application Marketplace
reusable comprehensive catalog of applications, promotes an open cloud ecosystem
Intuitive visual orchestration
WYSIWYG designer and resource planning to build business systems, step-by-step guidance on service choreography
Load balancing
L4/L7 layer load balancer services, end point services health-check , session management
Provision cloud server within seconds
support large-scale batch deployment
Enhanced virtualization
up to 33% efficiency improvement compared to traditional virtualization solutions
Intelligent cache acceleration
intelligent caching technology, support in-memory and SSD to produce high IOPS。
Single point of contact after-sales service
report issues and get support through local services contact for all software and hardware implemented by EasyStack

ESCloud Express Usage Scenarios

Small and medium-sized enterprises/organizations
Building a new data center, supporting it business transformation. Help small and medium-sized enterprise data centers to quickly build a cloud platform, improve business system services availability and increase efficiency, as well as to effectively reduce system maintenance costs
Development testing
application deployment testing platform. Improve the implementation of a test environment through the reuse of resources using auto provisioning and de-provisioning capabilities, resulting in faster time to application delivery, as well as a significant reduction on the development test costs
Container backup
Container backup platform — For large enterprise-class cloud platform to quickly create a disaster recovery base platform environment, providing different levels of data protection and application persistency while helping users in their overall system design
Application integration
Application integration solutions — For SaaS service providers to provide a comprehensive package containing multiple application solutions, making it easy deploy multiple applications onto one or more machines, which in turn maximizes the business value

ESCloud Express Industry References

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ESCloud Express Channels Partner Program

Committing to helping our channels partners become equip with the ability to provide users with a set of cloud business practices and solutions

We would love to have software developers join us to become an EasyStack Express partner, as well as the following:

  • Industry software providers
  • Industry system integrators
  • Cloud computing service providers
  • Software and hardware providers

ESCloud Express Support for heterogenous composable infrastructure cloud environment

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