ESCloud enterprise cloud platform provides IaaS solution for customers based on OpenStack. Besides supporting core OpenStack features in the areas of compute, storage and network, ESCloud also provides ticketing, billing, reporting, multi-level organization, integrated monitoring, visual orchestration, enhanced portal interfaces, application center and many other functions addressing the management and monitoring on infrastructure resources. In addition, EasyStack developed big data, database, container orchestration, hybrid cloud suite solution components to be offered to the end users as part of the platform as a service capabilities.

EasyStack Application Center

Application Center allows application services provider and developers to provide application delivery and management capabilities supporting different types of application orchestration frameworks, leveraging IaaS Cloud resources to provide users with an end to end platform to support application onboarding, deployment, operations and management, and giving users the options to choose the right application(s) to support their business needs.

ESCloud Infrastructure Service

    • Hybrid management of compute resources

      Self Service Portal provisioning and managing virtual machines, bare-metal, containers resources.

    • Multiple Hypervisors Support

      Seamless integrated approach on cross platform virtualization technology, including KVM, Xen, VMware, HyperV, PowerVM to protect your current investment(s).

    • VM HA / HOST HA

      Enterprise based HA solution ensures reliable and stable operations within the cluster

    • Only seconds to having your own cloud resources

      seconds to create, wait-free, where you get instant access to massive computing resources; seconds to backup ensures business continuity, security and flexibility.

    • 100% private network isolation

      establish complete isolated private network, virtual routing, where router can be bound to the public network IP, configure port-forwarding rule to the cloud host instance, which in turn helps to conserve public IP resources.

    • Support layer-three routing high availability

      using VPPR routing high-availability protocol to eliminate single-point network node failure. In the event of a network node failure, the self recovery mechanism is transparent to business services.

    • Advanced network services

      support for firewall, load balancing, VPN and other network services, configurable within each tenant’s projects, virtual machine, port, multi-level fine-grained QoS strategy.

    • Multi-network access

      ESCloud supports multiple external network access, multiple network carrier lines to meet your needs for business availability.

    • Distributed unified storage

      Distributed unified storage

    • Built-in data security

      Real-time replication technology for distributed storage systems and configurable replica copies to ensure that data resides on multiple servers, multiple racks, multiple data centers, thereby ensuring the ability to recover data in the event of an unfortunate disaster/situation.

    • Backup and restore

      block storage support for real-time snapshot, full backup, data can be restored from any snapshot or full backup point in time

    • High performance

      Provides stable and reliable block storage space spanning across physical devices and delivering the performance to support enterprise-class transactional database applications.

ESCloud Enterprise Enhanced Features

Bare-Metal Management

Supports bare-metal device lifecycle management, enabling users to quickly deploy physical cloud hosts as a complimentary solution as a way to help you solve physical and virtual machine hybrid management problems.

Visual Service Orchestration

Supports automatic scaling strategies, supports visual resource scheduling, provides reusable orchestration templates, and enables single-click deployment of infrastructure resources.

Multi-level Organization Authorization

Support three or more levels of authorization, multi-level quota approval management, fine-grained permissions and control on resources, and ease of multi-level accounts and quota management.

Enterprise Ticketing System

Support for multi-level approval / process tracking / to-do reminder / attachments upload, integrated instant messaging tool recording and retrospective issue processing.

Billing and Reporting

Provides up to per second billing capability, you may configure different billing policies for different regions, different resources, scheduled timing, adjustment of billing strategy; support for hierarchical view, export option on resource usage reports.

Resource Monitoring and Alerts

Support for multi-level approval / process tracking / to-do reminder / attachments upload, integrated instant messaging tool recording and retrospective issue processing.

Service high availability

ESCloud applies high availability design to all service components in order to eliminate single point of failure in the management plane and ensures stable operation of the production platform.

Backup and disaster recovery

ESCloud support volume snapshot, volume backup, off-site disaster recovery and other technologies to provide multi-level data backup protection, while achieving rapid recovery of local data, users may also restore the platform through a remote recovery center.

ESCloud software infrastructure Suite

ESCloud Big Data Service

The ESCloud Big Data services platform makes it easy to rapidly provision and deploy a Big Data platform capable of supporting tenant project-level security isolation, while greatly reducing the complexity of a Big Data platform management and maintenance.

Flexibility and Scalability in Data Processing:

to enhance the high availability and fault tolerance of Big Data clusters, to cater to on demand expansion of cluster resources, in order to achieve massive amounts of data processing.

Cluster Automation Deployment:

preset configuration on Big Data cluster mirroring, ability to customize cluster properties and membership count/size, automated deployment of Big Data clusters.

Heterogenous Big Data framework support:

ability to provision and manage Hadoop, Spark, Storm and many other Big Data technology frameworks.

Multi-level Monitoring:

monitoring support for physical resources, virtual resources, cluster status and application status.

ESCloud Database Service

To achieve a variety of types of commercial and open source database software for rapid deployment, to provide data backup, unified management and other value-added features.

One-click Deployment:

ESCloud platform users can quickly create a single database instance or a cluster of database instances with on demand scale-up/down capability of the database cluster.

Multi-type Database Support:

mainstream relational based, document based and cache based database software solutions, including MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, etc.

Efficient Management:

Efficient Management: through unified management of database back-end resources, ESCloud helps to eliminate complexity in the heterogeneous environment and to improve hardware utilization.

ESCloud Container Cluster Orchestration Service

Features containerized applications management and orchestration, making sure that container based applications and the OpenStack technology platform operate seamlessly as one, visualization of IaaS resources utilization, and integrated support of applications using volume and LBaaS resources directly.

Unified Management:

ensuring that containers, virtual machines, bare metal nodes when running in hybrid mode can be operated, maintained and managed through a single interface.

Application Delivery:

accessible through a common repository, using standard orchestration templates with integrated CI / CD pipelines to enable agile development and automated delivery of applications services.

Mainstream Orchestration Engine Support:

Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker Swarm are supported within the container management platform.

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