EasyStack Container Linux is a lightweight Container OS, which is based on Linux kernel and designed for cloud-native applications. EasyStack Container Linux caters to production level reliability, support for multiple container runtimes, ease of management integration with toolchain and kernel-level monitoring. In particular, optimization has been carried out on Kubernetes cluster environment to ensure that applications run with stability, reliability and security

Cloud-Native Application

Targeting cloud-native application developers, EasyStack optimized its Linux kernel to support running container instances in a stable and secure manner, especially through the use of lightweight kernel to reduce runtime footprint of host resources. Once the system has been deployed, all required container tooling is already pre-built into the system.

Multi-platform Support

Provides multiple container runtimes including Docker, LXC and Rkt. Default container orchestration management tools include Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Define System Dependencies

Users can make a customized OS image integrating necessary tools and software dependency according to their business requirements. Each self defined system will be stored as a new branch that can be maintained independently within the respository.

Built-in Version and Branch Management

EasyStack Container Linux provides flexible version and branch management tooling features. Whenever you upgrade a running system or make a new OS image, it will create a new version and branch in the repository. Users have the option to select specific version from repository to deploy into the container cluster.

Simplified Upgrade and Safely Rollback

Single step process to complete download and installation of a new system version without complex configuration. Even after upgrade completion, the previous stable version will still be retained in the repository in case there is a need to rollback.

Reinforced Kernel Security

Eliminate high risk and vulnerability with enhanced isolation of container to reinforce security of system kernel.

Fine-grained Monitoring

When configured, the system kernel monitoring is able to display fine-grained performance metrics in the graphical panels, helping administrators gain control of the running state of the system.

Busybox Integration

Busybox is a lightweight Linux management toolset, provided out-of-the-box as part of our system in order to enrich its functionality and to minimize the image size.

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