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We specialize in applying creative design and implementation know how to build an OpenStack cloud catered to meet current and future enterprise business requirements. EasyStack serves clients in industries such as finance, industrial 4.0, telecommunications, new media, energy and utilities, education and many other cross industries; with the premise of building an open cloud platform that supports continuous technological innovation and business growth. By partnering with EasyStack, you immediately benefit from a stable, yet open source based portfolio of OpenStack solutions delivered through a professional team that understands what it means to be enterprise ready. Our goal is to back you up and to provide support to enable you to face market challenges confidently!

OpenStack Top 10 Users in China, EasyStack served 50%
> Financial Industry
China UnionPay
China Postal Savings
CIB Fintech
Rural Credit Banks
Funds Clearing Center
GuoTai JunAn Securities

China UnionPay is one of China’s earliest adopters operating an OpenStack financial services cloud with more than 1,000 physical nodes. EasyStack’s portfolio of solutions provide a platform to run production business services which includes Mobile Internet Payment, UnionPay Wallet and many other innovative transactional businesses. As the first domestic based OpenStack financial services cloud user, the cloud platform serves as a critical foundation for many Internet based application systems and solutions. While supporting the demand for rapid development of such business models, EasyStack also provides strong operational and technical support to China UnionPay.

With EasyStack’s cloud platform solutions, the Postal Savings Bank is deploying close to 1,000 physical server nodes to support a series of Internet Banking and Financial Services products. It is China's largest OpenStack Banking Industry cloud. The cloud platform supports the underlying technology infrastructure needs of innovation led business activities, and at the same instance making sure Postal Savings Bank continues to deliver personalized and custom services for its users. In targeting customers belonging to younger generation of users, the bank wants to create an unparalleled user experience especially in the current internet financial services trend driven economy.

CIB FinTech is using EasyStack cloud platform solutions to build an Internet Banking production cloud, as well as a development and test cloud. Using its multi-year experience and vast banking client base, including its expertise on Internet Financial Services business models, CIB FinTech launched the Financial Services Industry Cloud. It is one of the first in the financial industry to use OpenStack for production systems, and a major banking player to offer OpenStack platform services within the financial industry. Its ambition is to incorporate Internet based banking products and services that are aligned to the banking industry Pratt & Whitney financial transformation.

Rural Credit Banks makes use of EasyStack cloud solutions to deliver an optimized combination of platform, database and application software. This allows the ease of horizontal expansion, in order to support on demand business growth within the financial services cloud platform. EasyStack helped to resolve the following problems which included slow deployment, low resource utilization, high cost of virtualization, incompatibility in heterogeneous environment, challenges in operational and maintenance activities. Through this project collaboration supporting the country's 30 provincial-level rural credit cooperatives, rural commercial banks and Shenzhen rural industry banks, including serving hundreds of millions of users, the mission is to improve the rural payment and settlement environment, so as to better serve the “rural triplets”.

Leverages EasyStack’s OpenStack cloud platform in multiple data center deployments, and supported by highly skilled local services team in building the end to end platform in the shortest possible time. With the platform in place, capability such as modular functional modules, automated tools to quickly deploy applications supporting business products, open and standards based APIs allows ease of integration with cloud management solutions increases the securities firm’s competitive advantage in the industry.

> Telecommunications Industry
China Telecom

An initiative at the group level within the China Telecom organization resulted in the adoption of EasyStack cloud platform solutions serving the complex needs of large-scale multi-node deployments in the data center as well as multi-region deployments across data centers, while protecting existing investments with minimal disruption of existing architecture to allow continuous innovation. By introducing latest cloud computing management technology and ecosystem, China Telecom hopes to increase unified resource usage through building secure cloud resource pools, with the ultimate goal of reduction in operating expenditure.

> Energy and Utilities
State Grid
Zhejiang TianGong Group

Zhejiang TianGong Group replies on EasyStack’s open cloud solution platform to provide compute, storage, and network virtualization services. End users may choose to configure and deploy their own cloud infrastructure in order to meet the business needs of various project entities.

Zhejiang TianGong Group replies on EasyStack’s open cloud solution platform to provide compute, storage, and network virtualization services. End users may choose to configure and deploy their own cloud infrastructure in order to meet the business needs of various project entities.

> Manufacturing
SAIC Motor

EasyStack is working with Lenovo Group to promote key business initiatives around "PC +", "Internet +" transformation, big data support, e-commerce, intelligent hardware, MotoCloud and other innovative business models. The use of hybrid cloud connector to public cloud to ensure business flexibility whenever there is a need to scale up or down. Through hyper-converged architecture and high density virtual machines per host design to achieve greater cost savings and overall lower operating expense than the public cloud model. Multi-data center running various business system services, support for multi-site data center data replication in order to achieve business resiliency and data security.

SAIC Motor is using EasyStack cloud platform to provide compute, storage, network resource pooling and virtualization services. Features such as unified resource management platform capability and request driven provisioning makes it extremely convenient for all participants within the platform. To onboard legacy applications to the cloud platform, a set of proven methods including v2v tools can be used for fast and seamless migration.

> Education
Tsinghua University
Southeast University

Tsinghua University is using EasyStack cloud computing solutions to build China's largest tertiary institution production and research integrated OpenStack cloud environment. ESCloud single cluster configuration contains up to 6000 cores, 16TB memory, 540TB storage capacity. It is serving the university’s institutions to provide paid cloud services, big data and data analytics using Hadoop/Spark/Docker/ network intrusion detection, including distributed systems teaching and research. Derived benefits are a reduction in data center procurement costs by 60%, routine IT management tasks take 33% less time and energy related costs are reduced by 80%.

Southeast University is building a shared big data services platform known as AMS-02 experiment in Asia. It is Asia region and one of the world’s most important data processing center. The technology platform is based on EasyStack cloud solutions. In addition to the AMS experimental data processing applications, Southeast University shared big data services platform also serves as a large-scale equipment sharing platform and large-scale interdisciplinary platform, while operating the university’s other big data processing applications. The cloud platform provides an integrated and unified set of high-performance computing cluster, virtualized resource pool, low network and disk latency file system, SDN solutions, container services clusters, big data resource pool as an integrated university-wide services platform. Southeast University cloud platform is a significant lighthouse project paving the way for OpenStack usage in the education industry.

TH-cloud is the first military dual-purpose, military and civilian joint innovation cloud computing platform. Using EasyStack cloud computing solutions to build Lvliang, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other TH-Cloud locations super-computing centralized control and management platform. Supported business databases include Oracle RAC, GBase, big data Hadoop, Spark. Also consists of other enterprise applications operating as part of government cloud, combined military and civilian innovation services, as well as Internet based business services.

> Logistics industry
SF Express
Best Express

Through the use of EasyStack cloud platform, based on OpenStack flexible and stable large-scale production business cloud platform. Hundreds of physical servers to achieve cloud, carrying SF Express key business. Help build a flexible platform that can be faced with the challenges of new business in an orderly manner. From the business point of view resource management, to change the management concept, optimize the physical resources.

Working with EasyStack on a next generation cloud platform, Best Express migrated its existing business applications and systems from a distributed architecture to the cloud platform. EasyStack cloud platform applies compute, storage, network virtualization technology to provide the flexibility of the end-to-end architecture and high scalability, so that applications can be deployed quickly and supported through autoscaling features on the cloud.

Financial Industry
Telecommunications Industry
Energy and Utilities
Logistics industry

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