Through the adoption of OpenStack, Open Source community participation becomes much more vibrant, which leads to greater market driven contributions. EasyStack is the leading Open Source Cloud Platform Solution Provider. EasyStack’s enterprise based computing, distributed storage, and container based technology allows unparalleled innovation to serve and support our clients business. Our goal is to become a world class Open Source based technology provider company.

EasyStack co-founder & CEO —— Xilun Chen
About EasyStack

EasyStack is the leading Open Source Cloud Platform Solution Provider. Founded in February 2014, the core engineering team were from IBM China Research and Development organizations. EasyStack provides open, secure, stable, reliable, and high performance cloud computing capability for enterprise customers based on open source technologies such as OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

EasyStack consistently pursues innovation in technology and contribution to the Open Source community. EasyStack is the TOP 8 TC-approved patch contributor in the recent Ocata release of OpenStack and a gold member of OpenStack Foundation with one individually elected board member and two core project PTL’s. EasyStack also has memberships in the Linux Foundation, CNCF and OCI, and has been ranked TOP 10 contributor in the recent release of Kubernetes and Ceph.

EasyStack delivers open cloud platform and solution services to more than 200 enterprise customers such as: China Mobile, China Telecom, State Grid, Postal Savings Bank of China, Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center, Lenovo, SF Express, Tsinghua University, TCL, Tianhe National Supercomputer Center, etc.; across industries and sectors including Banking, Financial Services Insurance, Service Provider, Public Service, Education, Energy and Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing, etc.

We believe in the strength of having an eco-system to deliver ongoing business results and to support sustainable growth of EasyStack and the partners that we collaborate with. Over the past year, EasyStack launched its Partner Alliance Program, and is strengthening collaboration with IBM, Lenovo, Beiming Software, SUSE, Redflag, Cisco, Mellanox, 360, Hillstone, etc.

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