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EasyStack Announces an Innovative Private Cloud, the ECS

21 October 2019

The latest generation private cloud ECS, or the EasyStack Cloud Service has been launched by EasyStack, an open-source cloud computing enterprise.

FREMONT, CA: The latest ECS by EasyStack is cloud platform, encompassing features developed and delivered as per the requisites of a true private cloud.  It took over a year and a half for the EasyStack R&D team to develop EasyStack in its entirety.  The foundation was laid on the entire range of products including ECS Stack Hyper Converged Infrastructure, many scenario-based enterprise-grade ECS editons and ECS Enterpise.

The ECS involves the best practices on a private cloud while catering to more than 500 medium-sized and large firms.  Further, the ECS encompasses a design that utilizes cutting-edge distributed micro-services on a highly integrated platform.  Through this new ECS, EasyStack aims to assist enterprise customers to enhance and achieve their goals with respect to service capabilities.  It can also impart the ability to support various scenarios and capability to strategize and execute digital conversion and business innovation agenda with unparalleled ease. 

In other word, unlike traditional clouds, ECS is built to meet the requirements of today's technologically challenging ways. 

The ECS is a private cloud centered on consumer's data, which simultaneously offers a multi-cloud platform that can manage several cloud providers, including privae and public ones.   The other critical aspect of ECS is its compatibility with a wide range of software and hardware ecosystem, which enables ECS with an ability to co-support both conventional and new-generation enterprise applications to run as well as to operate on.

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