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EasyStack Elected Two Board Seats at OIF

08 February 2021

In the latest round of election results announcement at Open Infrastructure Foundation (OIF) Board of Directors, Guo Eric Changbo, EasyStack Senior Product Director was selected as the OIF Gold Member Director. Concurrently, Rico Lin, EasyStack Senior Engineer, was also elected as Individual Director. Among all directors at OIF, three are from Redhat and two from Intel. 

Injecting Over 1,000 Industry Client Business Requirements into the Global Open Source Community

Playing the role of leading promoter of global open source technology, EasyStack serves as a hardware agnostic provider of enterprise-level cloud products and services for over 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises. The company has deployed and implemented over 100,000 nodes for client projects in industries such as finance, government, energy utilities, education, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, aiming to pursue continuous breakthroughs in cloud computing.

Since 2017, EasyStack held a seat in the Board of Directors of OpenStack Foundation (the current OIF). While participating in the development planning and decision-making for OIF, EasyStack has always involved client needs in the Foundation and OpenStack, thereby promoting the integration of cloud computing technology innovation through provisioning a new generation of applications for enterprises. With its outstanding contributions to the open source community, EasyStack was awarded the “Community Outstanding Leadership Award” at 2020 OpenInfra Days China.

As an Individual Director of OIF, Rico Lin is deeply involved in the code contribution and community outreach of OpenStack and served as the Project Team Leader (PTL) of Heat Project for four consecutive years. At the 2018 OpenStack Summit in Berlin, Rico Lin won “Community Contributor Award”. Since March 2019, Lin has served as a member of OpenStack Technical Committee. Concurrently, Lin serves as the Chairman of the Multi-arch SIG Project of OpenStack and is committed to promoting standardization on system construction of Multi-arch in OpenStack, so as to ensure all versions of OpenStack can be compatible with multiple architectures including Arm and different compute platform development. As a result, the Multi-arch SIG is supported by companies such as Huawei, EasyStack, Red Hat and IBM.

Making Breakthroughs in Cloud Computing Based on Open Ecosystem

Having set its sights on independent R&D and product innovation, EasyStack is focused on offering open products including ECS and ECS Stack. Among them, ECS, a new generation of enterprise private cloud, decouples the platform from its services through its well designed and integrated scenario-based approach, enabling the architecture evolution and low touch operation and management of the entire platform. As the business demand grows, users would simply move from having a platform architecture that is hyper-converged in a basic 3-node form factor to an ultra-large-scale cloud platform without any upper limits. Featuring fully symmetric distributed micro-service architecture, the hyper-converged ECS Stack can smoothly evolve to a new generation of enterprise private cloud according to clients’ needs.

EasyStack actively participates in the outreach programs and activities of the global open source community and focuses on core contributor code review and submission. Besides being a gold member and founding member of OIF, founding member of Ceph Foundation and memberships in CNCF, OCF and Linux Foundation, EasyStack is also the only Asia-Pacific member in OpenStack Technical Committee having ownership  and driving enterprise private cloud technical standards. In fact, core code contribution by EasyStack to Kubernetes, Ceph and OpenStack is regularly ranked among the top ten worldwide, transforming EasyStack’s role from participation and contribution to innovative leader at OIF.