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Intel® Select Solutions for EasyStack* Private Cloud and HCI

23 January 2020

Enterprises are shifting the services they need or provide to cloud servers to save investing on hardware. A big task now facing enterprises is to assess the cloud-readiness of their on-premises application portfolios, and discover how best to make their data centers more efficient and agile engines of digital transformation by deployed solutions. In this context, the delivery of enterprise cloud platform through software and hardware integration is becoming a new trend in private cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud market. Through the implementation of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), enterprises can centrally deploy and manage computing, storage, network, management resources, etc., thereby simplifying management and significantly shortening the cloud deployment cycle while achieving high performance, high reliability, flexible expansion, and low cost.

With more than 500 large- and medium-sized enterprises engaged in supporting the production practices, EasyStack* has released an evolutionary new generation Private Cloud - EasyStack ECS Enterprise Cloud*, which helps customers quickly build data-centric private clouds and manage the multi-cloud platform of multiple public clouds. Through the innovative distributed micro-service engine and platform integration design, EasyStack ECS Enterprise Cloud can help enterprise customers realize the smooth evolution of service capabilities, product forms and supported scenarios, that is, upgrading without influencing business, migrating data or interrupting services.

As the most convenient way to implement a new generation of evolvable private cloud, EasyStack ECS Stack HCI* adopts software and hardware integrated modular design, which features support for multi-cloud, micro-service granularity upgrade, application-orientation and so on. It not only provides software and hardware integrated standard delivery capability through Infrastructure as  a Service (IaaS), but also supports the coordinated adaptation and integrated delivery of industrial application software and cloud platform, and can smoothly evolve to private cloud based on the changing user needs.

Intel® Select Solutions for EasyStack Private Cloud and HCI provide hardware combination verified and optimized through benchmark testing, including Intel® Xeon® 5118 Processor/ Silver 4110 Processor, Intel® SSD D3-S4510 Series, and Intel® Ethernet Adapter X710-DA2. The solutions help users accelerate platform deployment, simplify verification testing, ensure system performance, security and availability, and drive business cloudification.

EasyStack Drives Business Cloudification

While an enterprise is transforming to private cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud, how to integrate infrastructure and applications and provide cross-cloud management capabilities has become one of the key factors for the success of cloud strategy. In order to meet the above needs of the enterprises, EasyStack ECS Enterprise Cloud and ECS Stack HCI have made targeted innovation from the perspectives of software management and software/hardware integration respectively.


An integrated hardware and software modular design for EasyStack ECS Stack HCI, with the first fully symmetric distributed micro-service architecture in the industry, provides software-defined evolvable computing, storage and network infrastructure. At the same time, the cloud platform's self-service process system, unified intelligent scheduling and intelligent management capabilities for resources and applications effectively promote the development of traditional services and a new generation of cloud-based services. Specifically, the ECS Stack HCI has the following advantages:

It supports multi-cloud forms. In addition to dual-engine computing services of cloud host + container, it supports self- service access to IT resources to meet the needs of application as required and agile delivery.

It provides a variety of OpenStack* core functional modules including computing, storage, networking, etc., enabling users to take full advantage of the OpenStack open source cloud computing ecosystem.

A number of custom functions have been developed to manage and monitor infrastructure resources to make cloud operation and maintenance more efficient.

Intel® Select Solutions for EasyStack Private Cloud and HCI

Intel® Select Solutions for EasyStack Private Cloud and HCI are based on the critical hardware components, including Intel® Xeon® Gold 5118 processor/Silver 4110 processor, Intel® SSD D3-S4510 Series, and Intel® Ethernet Adapter X710-DA2, and integrates with multiple Intel® chip-level advanced technology features. These components, verified and optimized under actual workloads, can help enterprise users improve the experience, comprehensive performance and cost performance of EasyStack ECS Enterprise Cloud and ECS Stack HCI, significantly reducing the time required for assessment, testing and configuration of infrastructure.

For users in the finance, telecommunications, government, energy, manufacturing and other industries, Intel® Select Solutions for EasyStack Private Cloud and HCI can deliver the following values:

IaaS + PaaS integrated solutions for industry users, helping users save the cost of business cloudification while accelerating the transformation to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architecture.

Verified solutions for component deployment infrastructure for industry users, helping simplify infrastructure deployment and reduce operation & maintenance pressure.

Higher performance based on the superior performance of the Intel® architecture to support higher cloud loads.

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